Artist Portrait - by Breez Saphira


From a young age, Jeremiah Corder realized that his creative soul needed consistent fuel. He drew inspiration from magazine and editorial design, and soon began to teach himself how to identify light and shadows within photography. This passion drove him to study Visual Communication Design at the University of Northern Colorado, graduating in 2014 with a degree and a desire to turn it into career. Freelance design led to an in-house graphic design position—allowing Jeremiah the opportunity to develop his portfolio, get real-world experience, and get paid for doing it. Today, Jeremiah is a full-time agency art director working on accounts such as ACUVUE Contact Lenses, Red Robin and Volunteers of America. He is also an accomplished professional photographer, specializing in glamour portraiture and editorial content, shooting for magazines such as OUTFRONT. With a style that fuses bright colors and high contrast, Jeremiah’s work aims to normalize and celebrate all aspects of LGBTQ culture.

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