Manny, The Flower Powered Designer

Manny is a designer, artist and retro creative in Northern Colorado.

Check out some of his shots, and check out his work at:

What is the significance of flora in your art or personal style?
"I love natural patterns, but I love florals especially since they connect me to my Mexican heritage. To me its Día de los Muertos, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Xochimilco. And also because its femme. Like the color pink, its fun to play with gendered aesthetics."

What do you love about photography?
"The accessibility. How an image maker can make the equivalent of a masterpiece oil painting with the click of a button. Its a great insight into the taste and skill of whoever is selecting the image inside the photo frame."

Marquise, Denver's Fitness Diva

 Marquise is a fitness guru with dreams of moving to California. We decided to commemorate his fitness progress with this studio shoot!

Why is fitness influential in your life?
"Well, part of it is the way I feel when I am working out - it is exciting to me. It makes me comfortable and confident."

What do you love about photography?
"What I love about photography is the way it can capture a real moment in life and how you can alter your life to look a certain way."

TCandy Fauxx Staxx

A face in the Denver drag community, TCandy Fauxx Staxx has taken the scene by storm and loved by many. Make sure you check out one of her many shows in Denver.

Why do you do drag?
"I do drag to get the opportunity to be someone else and to live in a fantasy, even if for only a few hours; being in drag makes it feel much longer because it is uncomfortable in all of those pads and makeup!" TCandy chuckled.

Why do you love photography?
"I love photography because it shows the world through someone else's perspective, and it allows you to appreciate things in a way you may have never seen otherwise."